Who is Employment Networks?

Employment Networks has worked at maintaining its role as a cornerstone of employment support in Renfrew, a town hit hard by economic downturn to its major industries that has resulted in a dramatic change in direction of the labour market since early 2000. Through major and minor layoffs and all faces of unemployment, Employment Networks has remained committed to providing essential employment services to its community.

What do we do?

Although many people think of Employment Networks as “simply the place to get a resume”, it has always been much more. For the past 15 years, Employment Networks has been providing counselling services for career development and career decision-making. We assist in the development of job tools, which include so much more than “Just a resume”. We provided job search assistance to those that are un/underemployed or in need of a career change. We also provide job retention training to clients and generate a large pool of job ready employment seekers.

The first step in career counselling is establishing or confirming a career goal. This is facilitated through one on one counselling, research sessions, workbooks, exercises and videos. Our computer lab is equipped with links and videos to assist job seekers to determine if a career goal is a good fit; personally achievable and attainable, before the job search begins.

We have a resource area that complements all aspects of career counselling, containing labour market stats and standards, employer information, position descriptions, helpful tools, our job board and self-help resources for those who want to do it alone.

There is a computer bank with the latest software that enables people to learn and utilize technology for their job search. For those that lack the computer knowledge required to get started and capable of conducting a job search independently we have weekly Awareness Workshops and, if there is a need to learn more than the basics we conduct referrals to the other services in the community that can better address their needs.

For the benefit of the client, often to make that package complete Employment Networks works with other community services and agencies; Continuing Education, ODSP, Links To Health and OW to name a few. We also refer to programs that target specific requirements such as Self-Employment Benefits or the TIOWS [Targeted Incentive for Older Workers] program - both excellent programs.

In 2010, Employment Networks, entered into a partnership with the Ontario government and became part of the Ontario Employment Service Network launched by MAESD. This new role enhanced our service offerings with the management and delivery of provincially funded employment and training programs such as Second Career and the Job Placements and Incentive Program. These programs replaced the original Federal Skills Development program and a number of two dollar an hour wage subsidy programs.

Employment Networks Mission has always been to provide the community with employment resources, knowledge and counselling expertise to instill, inspire and facilitate lasting change in the fulfillment of sustainable goals. The Vision going back to 2000 was to encourage, innovate, develop and be the one constant, reliable organization that job seekers and employers counted on. We believe we have achieved and maintained both our mission and vision for the job seekers of the community.