If you’re not working this may be the best time to speak with an Employment Consultant who can provide you with an outline of the available employment programs and services. After your individual employment needs have been determined, focus will be put on the services or programs that would provide a direct benefit to you. Working with an Employment Consultant in assisted services, an action plan will be developed and further one to one appointments will be arranged to provide coaching to help you achieve your employment/career goal.


Working with an Employment Consultant, participating in workshops, or working independently, you can discover your best career match and learn the steps required to reach that new career goal.  Also available is job search support to ensure you get that job.  You may also want to look at what skills are required to help you maintain employment once you are working.

 Job Search

Job Search assistance is available through appointments with an Employment Consultant. This can encompass all of the tools and techniques required to effectively look for work. We can assist with pulling together a comprehensive professional resume, learning how to research employers, and targeting your resume and cover letters for the job requirements. We can teach you how to market yourself through networking and informational interviews.  Your consultant will guide you through the process to ensure that you are taught everything needed to actively and independently conduct an effective job search.

Career Decision Making

Career Decision Making is an important first step in making a career change. The process begins by identifying career choices that suit you as an individual. You will work with a    consultant through activities, assessments and workshops to discover preferences that will help you make good choices.  From there you will select and research potential careers, gathering ‘real information’ to establish priorities and goals, whether short-term or long-term. Once your     career decision is made and a result focused plan is developed we can assist as the plan is put into action.


Nobody wants to focus on the negatives when looking at their options, and neither do we!  However, many of us do have to approach career decisions realistically and factor in real-life constraints or limitations.  School may not be an option for you… relocating may or may not be… family life may be a priority… perhaps you have a disability.  Whether they are personal, structural, or systemic, we take the time to look at all factors of your unique situation and take them into consideration during the process of career planning and job search.   With a review of your   barriers and limitations such as: lack of transportation, no license, only one vehicle per family, lack of Grade 12, limited work experience, etc., we can discuss options and provide you with suggestions in dealing with, or eliminating, these hurdles.


Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect. The opportunity to practice and get advice on your interview skills is offered here. These practice interviews are tailored to your specific job target and are videotaped which allows you to assess your   areas of strength and weakness. Reviewed with a consultant, you will always get constructive feedback.



A re-training program for laid-off individuals from lower-skilled jobs who require skills training to assist them to find employment in in-demand occupations in Ontario; returning individuals to employment by the most cost-effective path. The program eligibility and suitability are determined individually. This re-training program can cover up to 2 years of re-training (up to $28,000) and applications can include requests to cover costs such as:

  • Tuition
  • Books & supplies
  • Living away from home
  • Disability
  • Basic living allowance
  • Transportation
  • Dependent care