Important Job Search Tips

  1. Think, then act. It’s important to organize your job search and not job search randomly. Yes, unemployment can be daunting and may have you in a tailspin. But don’t just apply to any and every job you see. Streamline your efforts. Do company research on opportunities you find. Google the company, talk to people who work there, find out who the HR contact is, learn the wages. This way you’ll spend your time focusing on applying to jobs you would actually take.
  2. Stay organized. Nobody plans to be unemployed for 10 months, but it does happen. It’s essential that you keep a detailed record of all your job search activity – copies of job ads you’ve applied to, the date you submitted a resume, the name of the contact person. This way you have something to look back on and review if you don’t find work right away. An organized job search gives you the ability to follow up, re-apply, and use past connections as networks.
  3. Don’t be passive. As a job searcher it’s your job to make it as easy for an employer to hire you as possible. Employers don’t enjoy posting job ads, screening candidates, or sifting through resumes. Be pro-active! Take action! Connect and try to set up a networking meeting, leave every interaction with permission to follow up. Keep the ball in your court and put in real effort.

Job Searching?

Working to link the labour market with the area's labour force, this week Employment Networks posting the following job opportunities

DZ Driver
Licensed Mechanic
Line Sorter

If this is what you have been job searching for, you're interested in other job postings, or you would simply like to take advantage of the free job search coaching services available through Employment Networks, call and set up an appointment with one of our Employment Consultants.

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